Process of MediACE3D solution




The first step of a 3D custom orthosis is a 3D scan.

More precise and accurate body 3D data can be obtained quickly and easily with the MediACE Scan scanner.
In addition, The scanner can be automatically adjusted the height for the ideal posture to design an orthosis.

** You can use any 3rd party scanner if you can generate STL or PLY file formats. 




The second step is the design process.

By 3D orthosis design process, You can design more freely orthosis than the conventional way. simulate and check before fabrication so the opinion can be accepted by the patients and doctors. Furthermore, the MediACE CAD Design process can correct the scan model.

● Correction
By the skeletal structure-based correction algorithm developed through R&D for 5 years, the scan model can be corrected to the optimal body shape.

● Design
Using various design tools such as Template Design, Inflate, various patterns, or lattice, you can design the orthosis professionally but quickly and easily. 



3D Print

The last step is 3D printing.

Additive manufacturing can reduce the time and workforce. From the scan to fabrication takes just a couple of days. Just a one-time visit for a scan is enough for a patient. Also, the quality of an orthosis is no longer dependant on the experience of the manufacturer. 

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